Brake Motor with Encoder inside the fan cover

Motor System

The system motor by WEG Gear Systems guarantees quick and economic availability in all possible units due to is sophisticated components.

Standardized motor modules:

  • Spring loaded brake::

Sturdy spring-operated brake, 24VDC, 230VAC, 400VAC, 
optional: rustproof, dustproof, silenced,
with/without hand release, manual release locking device, microswitch
theater-double brake, stage brake

  • Forced cooling:

Single phase, three phase – varying voltage (world voltages), galvanized or painted hood

  • Motor protection:

Triple PTC thermistor (TF), triple thermostat (TH),
warning/cutoff (TF-TF), warning/cutoff (TH-TH),

  • Encoder systems:

Incremental shaft encoder, absolute shaft encoder with SSI interface, Resolver, DC tacho generator

  • Special bearings:

Insulated, reinforced, high-temperature bearings

  • Protection:

IP56/65, canopy, tropic-proof, increased thermal protection, insulation system suitable for inverter operation, protection cap

  • Terminal box:

MIP-Box (Multipin-Box):
The Multipin Box is harmonized to the design of the system motors and is available for the motor sizes 63-280. The new terminal box can be provided with up to 22 terminals as well as with a rectifier for electrical brakes.
An easy and quick connection of all options of the modular system motor (brakes, incremental encoders, resolvers, external fans, anti-condensing heating and thermo- elements) is possible

MIG-connect system

Encoder connector on the terminal box

  • Standard Painting:

RAL 5009

  • Mechanical options:

B3, B5, B14, B35, B34 etc., second shaft end (with hand wheel), fly wheel fans, back stop,...