Helical bevel gear unit with servo adapter

System adapter

The system adapter enables all motors commonly found on the market to be built on the complete MAS® gear system.

The drive motors are added on by using the adapter, without having to open the gears. The motors do not need to be oil-tight.

The system adapter enables the following to be added:

  • Servo motors, with or without key
  • Nema motors (standard measurement Type C flange fixture)
  • IEC motors (model type B5 according to DIN 42677)

Nema - Adapter (NA):
Addition of NEMA - motor size 56 - 286 is possible.

IEC - Adapter (IA):
Addition of IEC - motor size 63 - 225 is possible.

Servo - Adapter (SA):

Extension of all popular servo motors:
The motors of many motor manufacturers, such as Siemens, Allen Bradley, Lust, AMK, Baumüller … can all be mounted on to this SA adapter. By modifying the adapter measurements, it is also possible to mount other manufacturers’ motors, e.g. Indramat, Mitsubishi, Yaskawa, Metronix…

Play-free Connection:
To meet assembly requirements, play in motors with a fit-in key is reduced to 0 by clamping. Motors with a plain shaft are clamped to create the necessary power for transmission of the motor torque, whereby the extension of motor shafts of different diameters by slitting the clamping pin is made possible.

Unlimited use of the gear system is possible:
There is no limit as to how servo adapters can be used with the WEG gear system.