Quality standard

Certification: The WEG Gear Systems Gmbh quality-management system is process based ISO 9001:2015.


Principle 1: Customer satisfaction

Our explained intention is to supply products and services in "reliable quality" and market-consistent carrying out. With that we achieve customer satisfaction with a marketable price!


Principle 2: Personality

Quality must be constructed, produced, accompanied controlled and supervised. For this purpose "personality" is highly necessary. Every employee is responsible for the quality of his job! We give great observation to the promotion of the quality consciousness through training of all employees.


Principle 3: Reliability

The utilization of newest fabrication techniques is the condition for the production of European high-quality products with "highest accuracy and reliability".


Principle 4: Responsible suppliers

We strive for a long-lasting and fair cooperation with our suppliers of products and services as well as subcontractors, based on quality, delivery reliability and just prices.


Principle 5: Going global with WEG

Together with WEG, we develop and sell high quality products and efficient solutions by continuously investing in innovations and teamwork with WEG branches worldwide.


Principle 6: Only quality exists

Market superiority is to be achieved on a long-term basis only through quality. The continuous further development of constructions, processes and operation planning for quality assurance is therefore our declared goal! Our products fulfil both the customer requirements and the valid legal editions. The continuous improvement is achieved by the systematical pursuit and expansion of the quality goals and through date evaluation.