Conveyor technology

Requirement: power full !

Conveyor technology

The term conveyor technology encompasses a lot of fields of mechanical engineering, for example handling systems, storage systems…   
WEG Gear Systems offers powerful and reliable solutions for all applications of the conveyor technology.
Degree of protection up to IP 67 (standard IP55), explosion proofed drives according the European guideline 94/9/EG, reliable sealing systems and more provide the mechanical engineer nearly unlimited possible applications.

Gantry crane

Gantry cranes are used for bulk good transport on stockyards and ports. A special design of these cranes is a bridge-type crane, which is used for transporting big flow rates. Gear units by WEG Gear Systems of the types helical bevel- and angle parallel shaft geared motors with its compact design are particular useable for this applications. High drive power under hard environmental conditions with precise synchronous accuracy is required.

Screening machine

Gravel, pebble gravel and sand are important row materials for several projects in the industry, and should be screened for its next processing according different size of grain.
For these machines frequency converters of PROFI-line P6000 series construction and EUSAS® system motors are used.

Jib crane

Conveying heavy loads requires a drive unit that has been appropriately designed to be safe to operate. Geared motors by WEG Gear Systems fulfil this requirement with the appropriately sized construction components and thus offer the contractor reliable drive unit components.

Biogas plants

The charging of biogas plants with renewable raw material like corn or grass etc. boost’s the gas return and thus the profitability of the plant.
The used gear units by WEG Gear Systems convey these raw materials from the charging units into the biogas plant. Due to the aggressive gas atmosphere the plant and the gear units require special protection. In consequence of this, the gear units are executed explosion-proof corresponding to ATEX 95.