Special solutions

If you are looking for a complete drive system or single components that cannot be implemented from a standard model, then we are the right people to contact.

Our product range can be customized by our application engineers to suit your requirements.

The already described special drive units were developed according to customer requirements. Increased customer use while observing the highest quality standards has top priority.

Our drive unit solutions are in operation in almost all four corners of the world and receive acclaim due to their high reliability and long product life.

Application range:

  • Special gear units
  • Swing drives with fluid couplings and drum brakes
  • Oil cooling with cooling coils
  • Gear units for low temperature applications down to -40°C of ambient temperature
  • Gear units for high temperature applications up to +80°C of ambient temperature
  • Gear units for outdoor installation



Roller table drives

Roller table drive

for cooling sections in steel plants - Parallel shaft gear unit FU 130S

Water-cooled gear units

Water cooled geared motor

Water-cooled helical bevel gear units as roller conveyor gears units.

Special helical bevel gear unit

Special helical bevel geared motor

Helical bevel geared motors KKA 136. for billet mills

Special helical worm geared motor

Special helical worm geared motor

Drives by WEG Gear Systems are a mainly propelling factor in the food industry.

Stage, theatre drives

Helical bevel geared motor with double brake and encoder

Helical bevel geared motors for stage technology by WEG Gear Systems.

We realize our customers’ individual requests!

The innovative gear and motor systems by WEG Gear Systems enable individual customer solutions at the highest quality.
You receive a one-stop drive system solution that meets all the demands required of drive technology.
A wide range of services, competent advice, engineering, project scheduling, project management, setting up operations and support complete our extensive offerings.