GVS Glass Gluing Stations back on Quality Drives from Austria!

At the glass gluing station GVS of the company URBAN, WATT helical geared motors are used, whereas the production of those high-grade drive components is exclusively done in Austria. Watt Drive thus stands for high quality standard.

The URBAN MASCHINENBAU GmbH with its office in A-6670 Forchach has been founded in 1982 as supplier for the parent company URBAN GmbH & Co. Maschinenbau KG, based in Memmingen/Allgäu. Worldwide the company employs 450 workers.

Glass gluing station GVS

The GVS represents an important development in the fields of vinyl window production. Compared to conventional production methods, the gluing technology offers many advantages.
The glass panes are loaded manually before or after the gluing. The gluing process is CNC controlled and fully automatic. Depending on the process the gluing takes place in the casement or in the readymade element. All customary adhesive materials (one- or two component adhesives) can be used.

Advantages of gluing frames and windows:

  • Reinforcement of the casement is unnecessary
  • More light incidence by thinner profiles
  • Better thermal qualities
  • The glass pane takes over the main part of the load
  • Easing of the corner joint

Working process

The data input for the element is done manually (by touchscreen) or automatically by laser supported measuring of the element. Furthermore an online processing by data record and scanner can be made. The setting of the travel speed of the nozzles and the injection quantity is automatically adjusted.

WATT gear data:  HF 40A IA 81N4 TF (Pict. 1)

The used helical geared motor with output flange and IEC motor adapter is part of the modular drive system MAS®. A tough grey cast iron housing and highgrade manufactured gearing parts, which are exclusively manufactured in the parent plant in Markt Piesting guarantee quality.    
Power:               0.75 kW                                 
Output speed:    84 U/min                                
Torque:              85 Nm

The geared motors convey both silicone components A & B to the gluing head with gear pumps (Pict. 2). From there a static mixer mixes the 2K silicones. Depending on the required mix ratio, the drives are fed controlled by a frequency inverter.