Noise-optimised and Safe Drive Technique for Stage Machinery!

Theatres and operas have high demands on low noise level and the operational safety of the implemented geared motors. Watt Drive has available every technology for the realisation of proven and standardised drive concepts in such applications. The geared motors of the modular WATT MAS® system thereby are optionally equipped with dualcircuit safety brakes and the compulsory encoder systems.

Requirement: Silent and safe!

The safety of actors, the team behind the stage and the audience, belong to the most important requirements on stage machinery. The drives are usually designed for double gear safety, referred to the occurring load. Next to that aspect, special attention is directed on little extraneous noise.

WATT geared motors for scenery- and point hoists

Scenery hoists (see picture 1) are hoisting equipment with several carrying ropes, which serve for lifting and lowering of decoration, lighting material, aso.
Scenery hoists can be designed as winch hoists (all ropes are wound on a single drum) or as so called tubular shaft hoists (every rope has its own drum). Requirements are described in the accident prevention regulations like the BGV-C1 (regulation C1 of the German occupational insurance association) or DIN 56950.
Point hoists are basically constructed like scenery hoists, only with one single hoisting rope for moving pointed loads (e.g.: chandeliers).

MAS® helical bevel gear units for theatre constructions

Basically up to 1,250Nm, gear units are designed double stage and above that, 3-stage. All sides of the housings are machined, so that every design can be realised.  

Power: 0.12 - 90kW
Torque: 100 - 20,000Nm
Ratio: 5.5 - 8600

Double spring loaded brakes: BBRHGD..

Those two spring loaded brakes, effecting independently from each other (see picture 2), can optionally be equipped with a micro switch set sidewise, to control the ventilation process. They are standardly delivered in a noisedamped design.
Additional dust protection after IP 65 with friction plate of non-corrosive material, as well as dust protection ring and shaft seal ring, is also available.

Customer’s advantages:

  • Lownoise running through geometry-optimised gearing
  • High operational safety through double brakes
  • Compact gear mounting dimensions with various mounting modules
  • Mature motor system with variable encoder systems

Countless realised projects in this application stand for the high quality standard of WATT helical bevel geared motors.