WEG celebrates 40k employees worldwide

The workforce grows continually with the Group's success

On the occasion of the Labour Day celebrations on 1 May, WEG announced that the number of employees in the Group has reached the 40,000 mark.

WEG celebrates 40k employees worldwide


With subsidiaries in 37 countries, 52 production sites worldwide and distributors in over 120 countries, the WEG Group continues to grow. Of course, the company owes a large part of its success to its employees, who always contribute with great motivation, competence and dedication to achieving the common goals.

For this reason, WEG runs various campaigns and programmes for employees in its worldwide subsidiaries to say thank you and to further strengthen their identification with the Group: from financial company shares to health and educational facilities to events and discounted access to various leisure activities.

Due to the positive future prospects for the WEG Group, it will not be too long before 50,000 employees will proudly announce: "We are WEG".