Standard Features

of the EUSAS® System motors at a glance:

  • Wide-range winding from 3x190V up to 3x690V at 50/60 Hz with 9 terminals
  • Use with frequency inverter at voltages up to 460 V (87/100/120 Hz)
  • Switchable voltage (D, Y, DD, YY)
  • High efficiency to IE2, IE3
  • Low weight
  • Tropic-proof insulation system
  • Operating temperature -20°C to +40°C
  • Nameplate with 50/60 Hz data
  • Thermal protection: bimetallic switch and PTC thermistor
  • Reinforced bearings at type WAR
  • Rotor shaft prepared for mounting encoders, tachometers, backstops etc.
  • Protection Class IP55
  • Insulation Class F
  • Housing material: aluminum (up to frame size 200), grey cast iron (frame sizes 225 to 315)
  • Voltage:
      50 Hz 60 Hz
    Up to frame size 100 220-240 V (D)
    110-120 V (DD)
    380-420 V (Y)
    190-210 V (YY)
    220-277 V (D)
    110-138 V (DD)
    380-480 V (Y)
    190-240 V (YY)
    From frame size 112 380-420 V (D)
    190-210 V (DD)
    660-690 V (Y)
    330-365 V (YY)
    380-480 V (D)
    190-240 V (DD)
    660-(830) V (Y)
    330-415 V (YY)
  • Certifications:
    CE web      CSA web    UL web      EAC web
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