Convenient condition monitoring

WEG Motor Scan Gateway augments the company’s condition monitoring solution for easy real-time monitoring of electric motors

Convenient condition monitoring

WEG, a leading global manufacturer of motors and drive technology, is presenting the WEG Motor Scan Gateway. The gateway consists of hardware and software. WEG Motor Scan, presented last year as a retrofittable condition monitoring solution, enables real-time monitoring of WEG electric motors. It facilitates predictive maintenance in a simple and cost-effective manner. This leads to extended motor lifetime and higher plant availability. The gateway, with features highly desired by users, was already in the pipeline when WEG Motor Scan was announced. The WEG Motor Scan Gateway now enables users to collect data automatically from the condition monitoring system, eliminating the previous intermediate step via a mobile app.

From the gateway to the secure cloud
WEG Motor Scan acquires operating data in real-time and can monitor any desired number of motors. Previously this was only possible using a smartphone app available for Android and iOS devices. The new WEG Motor Scan Gateway complements the existing mobile app and works as a router that captures all installed sensors within a range of approximately 30 metres in an industrial environment. The gateway measures 259 x 154 mm (LxW) and has an IP65 protection rating. Now the collected data can be sent to a secure cloud using gateway technology, in addition to the previous option via the app and Bluetooth. Users can access the data in the cloud through the app or the “WEG IoT Platform” web portal. This enables detailed analysis of the monitored motors.

Operational anomalies immediately visible
Based on the acquired operating data, plant operators and maintenance staff can schedule and carry out predictive maintenance activities based on the actual motor condition. The WEG IoT Platform additionally offers extensive analysis tools for fault diagnosis and supports the configuration of warnings. Maintenance staff can thus access real-time data on current motor performance from anywhere, analyse it directly, and act accordingly.

WEGPR010 Bild 350
The new WEG Motor Scan Gateway enables users to automatically collect sensor data. This eliminates the previous intermediate step via the mobile app. It complements the existing mobile app and acts as a router that captures all installed sensors within a range of approximately 30 metres in an industrial environment.

WEG Motor Scan and gateway simplify real-time monitoring
Measuring just 44 x 38 x 25 mm, the WEG Motor Scan module can be retrofitted on electric motors with IEC frame sizes from 63 to 450 at a predefined location. The WEG Motor Scan module is mounted using a 5.9 mm drilled hole in the motor cooling fin. WEG Motor Scan features IP66 protection rating, is suitable for numerous industrial applications, and operates reliably even under extreme conditions such as ambient temperatures from -40 to +80°C.
For real-time monitoring with WEG Motor Scan, users can define a schedule for up to twenty-four vibration measurements per day. These measurements are performed in real-time. Temperature measurements are made every 10 minutes. For practical reasons, analysis is performed on demand because continuous monitoring would consume too much battery power. Along with surface temperature and operating time, WEG Motor Scan measures motor vibrations using three-axis vibration measurement in the range of 1 to 3 kHz. The motor condition is then determined by frequency spectrum analysis (FFT). This sensor solution thus allows complete diagnosis of motor condition, including temperature measurement, vibration analysis and data on operating time, load, speed and lubrication intervals. Furthermore, any imbalance or misalignment is measured. Measurement of current consumption and bearing condition are planned for a future version of this solution.