Parallel shaft gear units F.. RX 8..

Parallel shaft gear units

Innovative total solutions up to 120 kNm.

The parallel shaft gear units F.. RX 8.. have a 1 - 4 stage design and therefore cover a large reduction range. The thermal power limit of the gear units are between 5.5 kW and max. 445 kW.

The motor mounting is established with an IEC adapter with coupling. The housings are worked on all sides so that they can be used for every mounting position. They are standardly manufactured of grey cast iron EN-GJL-250. The gears can be implemented either as shaft mounted gears with hollow shaft as well as parallel shaft gears with output shafts. Precisely manufactured gearwheels with involute profile guarantee high efficiencies and a low-noise running.

Technical Data

  • Number of sizes:
  • Power Range:
    5,5 - 355kW
  • Output torque range:
    1,4 - 119kNm
  • Ratio:
    1,1 - 793
  • Output option: output shaft, hollow shaft, hollow shaft with shrink disc
  • Assembly/mounting: uniblock, flange
Parallel shaft gear units